About us

Professionalism, expertise and in-depth analysis of tasks set before us are the ultimate principles of our activity. It is the principles above that generate best results and effective protection for Spektor Law Firm’s customers’ interests.

To this effect, Spektor Law Firm operates in four major departments: General Analytics, International Law, Litigation Department, and Cooperation with State Authorities Department. The existing differentiation makes it possible for the company’s customers to get skilled, comprehensive and efficient legal services.

Currently, Spektor Law Firm is a team of highly professional experts with a very good theoretical knowledge and practical experience in their own area of competence, who have a sufficient command of several foreign languages.

The existing operating principles of Spektor Law Firm have been developed by the company’s founder – Olga Spektor. Olga was awarded the LL.D, she is an advocate, mediator, and has a good knowledge of the English, French, Spanish and German languages.

For the sake of our customers’ convenience, we offer a flexible pricing system involving four options:

  • fixed rate – is determined for the services envisaging certain actions to be taken; it is usually applied for actions related to dissolving/liquidating a company.
  • project management rate – is determined when it is impossible to accurately count the time spent on services; only outcome of the services that must be rendered is agreed, for instance, a premises commissioning.
  • subscription services – the price is determined as project considerations may require; the option provides for the agreed monthly payment to be made for a full package of services.
  • hourly rate – is determined when complicated projects are tackled with unpredictable/uncertain number of actions being involved; it is usually applied in handling litigations.

Being Spektor Law Firm’s customer means constant availability of verbal or written advice online, possibility to make a request for preparing, drafting or translating documents and to pay for the services online.