Services provided to legal entities


Wide range of legal services provided to domestic, foreign and international companies.

Professional skills and qualifications of Spektor Law Firm’s lawyers allow the customers to command the services of the whole legal department with no need to employ its own experts.

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Legal analysis and consultation

Legal analysis is a thorough, overall study of all the circumstances of the situation, relevant documents and data sent by the client. We check the accuracy of the data received, check the data match, its correspondence to the current legislation and fixed regulations on its comparison.

Legal consultation boils down to informing a customer of all prospective alternatives of the matter settlement. We will inform you of the actions to be taken in order to resolve the matter in your favor.

Our company provides legal advice on contractual activity. We will assist in making a legally correct agreement which will defend your interests.

We offer:

  • verbal and written consultation;
  • drawing up contracts;
  • working out additional agreements, reports on divergences, explanatory notes and other documents of contractual activity;
  • examination of the legality and efficiency of contracts, additional agreements and other documents related to contractual activity;
  • legal review of internal company documents (regulations, instructions, rules) for its’ legality and consistency;
  • drawing up of internal documents of the company, providing advice on the additional internal documents;
  • settlement of disputes between the parties in the course of negotiating contracts;
  • legal support in case of signing contracts;
  • full due diligence of a company.

Activity in the area of international law

Legal assistance in a company’s business activity with a foreign element being involved should be trusted to professionals: whether purchase of raw materials abroad or sale of one’s own business to a foreign person.

Spektor law firm employs specialists having an extensive expertise in the area of international law. They can provide a full range of services, beginning with advising clients on the features of foreign legislation and ending with representing clients in international courts and arbitration. This enables us to provide the best advice and protection both to Ukrainian companies acting in the international legal field, and foreign legal entities facing problems in their business activity within the Ukrainian legal system.

We offer:

  • verbal and written advice;
  • analysis and drafting of international treaties, legal support of bargains;
  • representation in international arbitration courts;
  • assistance in drafting documents for the customs control;
  • international registration of intellectual property rights;
  • assistance in the developing of optimal taxation schemes conforming to the foreign legislation;
  • legal services to businesses operating in offshore jurisdictions;
  • registration of offshore companies;
  • assistance in registration of international investment;
  • registration of representative  offices and branches of foreign companies;
  • assistance and support of a foreign company on the territory of Ukraine.


Interaction with state authorities

Interaction with state authorities is an integral part of a company’s activity, beginning with its registration date and ending with its liquidation. Quite often, it is a rather tiring system of procedures at a number of instances, and only experienced specialists can ensure their passage.

Not only will we save you from a range of troubles, but we will also speed up the related procedures by dealing with state authorities on behalf of your company. Besides, we will protect the interests of your company in any arising disputes, and, if necessary, reduce a number of revisions carried out by various authorities and inspections.

We offer:

  • obtaining documents of permitting nature: licenses for certain activities, trade patents, and other permits issued by state authorities (including fire inspection and sanitary control);
  • providing individual legal advice regarding the operation of state authorities;
  • registering contracts with state authorities: tax service, bureau of land management etc.;
  • registering businesses;
  • registering all the amendments made into incorporation documents, changes in a company’s business activity;
  • winding-up businesses;
  • challenging state authorities’ decisions in administrative proceedings, including decisions issued by the Tax Administration;
  • legal support during tax audits and inspections performed by other state agencies;
  • representing interests in law enforcement agencies, anti-monopoly or any other state authorities;
  • representing clients in courts.


Irrespective of the type of business activity undertaken by a company, there is always room for a situation when court representation is required. Handling trial proceedings is a complex procedure in many cases, and in order to duly carry it out, it is worth turning to highly skilled lawyers.

Our lawyers will lay a solid background for the enhanced protection of your interests in a pre-trial settlement. Thorough work on collecting and creating of evidence and studying of similar court cases will strengthen and consolidate your position in a juridical process.

Not only will we will make every possible effort to turn the decision to your advantage, but we will also control its execution. Besides, we always consider expedience and possibility of pre-trial dispute resolution, which will save your time and money.

We offer:

  • drafting of claims, appeals to the counterparty regarding pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • mediation, participating in negotiations;
  • out-of-court settlement;
  • working out tactics of litigation;
  • collecting or creating of evidence base;
  • drafting of claims and other service documents;
  • representation in the court;
  • drafting of appeals and  cassation appeals;
  • clarification of the anticipated dispute resolutions;
  • lawyer’s support in the court;
  • initiating and control of the execution of court rulings and decisions;
  • recognition of court rulings and decisions of arbitration and foreign courts on the territory of Ukraine.