Services provided to individuals

All the Spektor Law Firm’s customers are offered extensive legal support in the main branches of law.

Supporting international businesses, representing interests in liaising with public authorities, elaborating and implementing prosecution strategies – all these constitute an integrated approach to resolving matters by Spektor Law Firm’s lawyers ensuring maximum results.

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Legal analysis and consultation

Legal analysis is lawyer’s getting acquainted with the peculiarities of the situation to be resolved. You will have to give accurate facts of the actual situation to the lawyer and to provide the relevant documents if necessary. Our lawyers will evaluate the information received in terms of its conformity to the laws and regulations, and assess your interest.

Having obtained all the necessary information, the lawyer will be able to provide comprehensive legal advice: suggest various ways of resolving the problem, warn of possible risks and identify potential benefits. In particular, the lawyer can assess the contracts you are to sign.

We offer:

  • verbal and written consultations;
  • explaining of your rights when having a particular status, namely: the heir, the disabled etc.;
  • working out tactics of behaviour in particular situations;
  • legal analysis of the documents to be signed regarding their legality and matching your interests;
  • drafting of agreements on property division, child support back pay, marriage contracts etc., and providing legal advice on their execution;
  • negotiating on behalf of and in the interests of clients. 


Activity in the area of international law

The rapid pace of globalization and the fact that the majority of Ukrainians have relatives abroad could be the reason for encountering with the international law.

Overseas assets, marriage with a foreigner, any activity outside the borders of Ukraine are the challenges that can be successfully tackled by our experts in the international law.

Being aware of the complexity and peculiarities of doing business abroad, we have defined this area as a top priority in our activities.

We offer:

  • advice on legal grounds and the order of appealing to the European Court of Human Rights;
  • providing verbal or written advice;
  • inheritance from non-resident aliens and inheritance by a foreigner;
  • employment legalization of a Ukrainian citizen in another country or a foreigner in Ukraine.
  • assistance in grievance procedures with a foreign element being involved;
  • representing clients in the court, and government agencies in when resolving the disputes with a foreign element;

Interaction with state authorities

Even such seemingly personal matters as marriage or birth of a child will inevitably entail the need for interaction with the state. You will also have to interact with the state authorities when it comes to acquiring property or its disposal, paying taxes or exercising your civil rights. In addition, a lot of everyday situations will simply oblige you to appear before the authorities. That’s why, Spektor law firm provides a wide range of services to facilitate easy communication and protection of individuals when they deal with the authorities.

We offer:

  • assistance in obtaining certificates of divorce, change of name, surname etc.;
  • assistance in obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine, passports, visas, status of a pensioner, disabled and other statuses and documents;
  • legal assistance in privatization of apartments;
  • representing your interests in the Ukrainian courts regardless of the essentials of a dispute, instance and location of a court;
  • legal aid in criminal matters;
  • protection of the interests in conflicts with the traffic police, Ministry of the Internal Affairs and other security agencies;
  • challenging of actions and decisions made by the state authorities.


Lawyer’s work starts at the pre-trial stage, when it’s necessary to work out a proper behaviour pattern and build an evidence base. All the preliminary work will require relevant presentation before the court. After the judge’s ruling, the lawyers can either initiate or control its execution, or challenge it.

Besides, there may arise a necessity in settling the disputes peacefully, which will eliminate the risk of getting unsatisfactory solution in exchange for wasted time and money.

We offer:

  • pre-trial settlement of disputes (drafting of relevant letters, participating in negotiations, drafting of settlement agreements);
  • court representation;
  • challenging of courts decisions through drafting of appeals, cassation appeals, petitions for reviewing court decisions;
  • initiating the execution of court decisions and control over their execution.